TODA01-Livia Llewellyn-We Become Our Own Horror
In The Outer Dark’s inaugural episode, Livia Llewellyn previews Furnace (0:01:00, 0:11:30), her second short story collection published by Word Horde in Feb. 2016, and revisits Engines of Desire: Tales of Love and Other Horrors (Lethe Press, 2011) (0:02:05). Discussion includes the dream roots of most of her stories (0:08:00), Shakespeare and the influence of her theater background/method-acting on her work (0:14:56), a female perspective on body horror and “monsterized” physicality (0:20:40), pushing boundaries and differences between writing horror and erotica (0:29:45), the possibility of her writing a literary erotic horror novel soon (0:34:50), her love/hate relationship with insects (0:42:15), her weird dark erotica short stories which she is making available monthly through her Patreon account (0:43:50), and her reading recommendation of author Peter Dubé (0:48:00).

This archival episode is available at This Is Horror here with brand-new additional material:

Special: The Making of Furnace

(0:50:15) Editor/publisher Ross E. Lockhart reveals his side of the story behind Furnace, including matching up cover artist Michael Garlington and book designer Scott R. Jones, as well other recent Word Horde books includingThe Lure of Devouring Light by Michael Griffin and some deep love to Lethe Press, Joe Pulver, and Dim Shores.

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