In developing nations, where improvements in health care and sanitation are seeing death rates fall, birth rates still remain relatively high. Modern civilisation is the result of the improvement of generations of ideas from algebra in Baghdad which allowed us to send people into space to the evolution of modern music which now has diverse multicultural aetiology. World and country population clocks are estimates based on the latest UN figures and growth rates. So next time a complete stranger asks me “Where you from?” — there can only be one answer: “Does it really matter? All population data are based on estimates by the UN Population Division and all calculations provided by the UN Population Fund. Where are you from? 1. It is one possible value based on global population figures and estimates of growth rates over time. Rizwan Ahmed summarises the plight of everyone who has been asked the question “Where you from?”: Moreover, the question of “where you from” is often asked to us by older non-white people of similar heritage. mispronouncing a name could very well be seen interpreted as a microaggression. They may not tally precisely with other clocks because of the way this application is configured. Poem for an english assignment, i wrote mine about where i am from. Neither is this about being a victim, nor is this is leftie wokism. Perhaps I can present my experience of being a second-generation immigrant doctor of Indian descent. Was it because I was brown or looked Indian? Three country groupings - developed, developing and least developed - featured in the conclusions are those referenced by the UN for assessing the Millennium Development Goals. Copyright © 2020 BBC. To combat this many institutions have examples for their staff to follow: Another counter-argument includes that the word “micro-aggression” implies that words are physically aggressive or violent and therefore micro-aggressions can be legitimately be met by violence. The Narrow Door … 26 Then you will say, ‘We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’ 27 And he will answer, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you are from. For descendants of immigrants who are British citizens who have contributed to society (I feel I need to justify this), and who are British citizens themselves, the question “Where you from” is frustrating. We are all members of the human race.”, Credit: University of Southern California, micro-aggressions can be legitimately be met by violence, FAQ: The Questions about Asians that You’re Afraid to Ask, Yellow Fever: The Problem with the Sexual Fetishization and Exotification of Eastern Asian Women, 5 Ways White People Can Interrupt Our Racism, 20 Questions for Those Who Deny Systemic Racism, An Open Letter To Christians Overly Concerned With the Criminal Records of Murdered Black People, Psychology Fact: Colorblind Logic Doesn’t Work. One of the ways of doing this is to engage with people who have different experiences to you. Fewer babies ensures populations level off or even decline. Firstly microaggressions are defined by the person affected so literally anything could be a microaggression, e.g. When we talk about blood and race itself, race can be defined in 2 ways: sociocultural and biological or genetic. Level: elementary Age: 7-17 Downloads: 479 : Where are you from? Oddly enough at secondary school, a fellow student was keen to point out he was superior to me as he was a higher caste than me. はとっても失礼!/「どなた様ですか?」の丁寧な言い方, アークでは、英語に関するお仕事をご紹介しています。英語を活かした仕事に就きたい!翻訳で仕事をしていきたい!という方は、お仕事紹介サイト「アーク@キャリア」へ!, アークが届ける英会話ブログ:日本語と動物をこよなく愛するニールさんが、日本人の『残念な英語表現』を文法・文化の両面から丁寧に徹底的に解説します!. In fact, 97 out of every 100 new people on the planet are currently born in developing countries. One… developed, developing and least developed. “Where are you from?” directed to a non-white person, who has grown up in a country, implies that they are not from this country. Technically, they are Indian. Visit the UN Population Fund's detailed population calculator, 7 billion and me. Read more. I appreciate that micro-aggressions exist and many have origins in unhelpful biases. Biological or genetic definitions of race simply do not stand up since the genetic differences within races is greater than the differences between races. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Any other questions?”Patient: “Can I ask you something?” Me: “Yes, sure.”Patient: “Where are you from?”Me: “North London” (I knew exactly what he was getting at)Patient: “Where are you originally from”Me: “North London…Why is that important?” Patient: “Well…well”Me: “Why does it matter?…India”Patient: “That’s what I thought. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. The socio-cultural association of race gives many people a sense of belonging but very often the cultural entrenched ideas of what originates from their culture. Notes on the data: Only birth dates after 1910 can be accommodated and only countries with populations of more than 100,000 people are included. The low life expectancy of those born in poorer countries, such as the Central African Republic, is explained by a number of factors, including poverty, conflict, poor access to health care and the high prevalence of Aids. You answer the call, but you don't recognise the voice on the other end. Want to find out more? Depart from me, all you evildoers. - Where ____ he from? 28 There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves are thrown out.… - … While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Moldova, although poor by European standards, has seen its population drop mainly because of emigration. See more BBC News interactive features and graphics and follow us on Twitter. Qatar - which has a large immigrant workforce - has seen its population rise rapidly in recent years. Read the answers to frequently asked questions here. Both Joanna Lumley and Sir Cliff Richard were born in India. It’s really not that far to go. No nation is static, no people are pure…Neither race nor racism has foundations in science.”, As humans we crave belonging and we can be tribal. This line of questioning is simply not afforded to white people. After growing very slowly for most of human history, the number of people on Earth has more than doubled in the last 50 years. Some would say if I don’t like the way I’m treated perhaps I should go home: this is difficult for me since I live in the town where I was born. Read more. The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday was in sole control of plane and intentionally started its descent, officials say. Often it’s a way of measuring our worth or quality: a class-ism in a way. Having said this I do believe microaggressions exist but do not fully engage with the theory for 2 reasons. This is an extreme example, but having such a loose definition leaves this open. Telling people that my mother or father are from some obscure Indian village cannot possible tell anyone about who I am or my moral decency as a human being. What do you say? -Where ____ you from? The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. The world's population is expected to hit seven billion in the next few weeks. But basing a prejudice that based on way I look that I must not originate from this country is forgetting a history of Empire and colonialism. Adam Rutherford writes in his book “How to Argue with a Racist” how we are all genetically similar and very ‘mixed’: “We think of certain areas, lands or people being isolated either physically or culturally, and these boundaries are insurmountable. Level: elementary Age: 9-12 Downloads: 442 : WHERE ARE YOU FROM- Countries and Nationalities+ Pronouns+ 2 PAGES Level: elementary Age: 6-17 Downloads: 416 : Quiz for 4th grade … I present one of my clinic experiences: Me: “If the rash spreads before you finish the antibiotics, call us sooner. In light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, some people have asked me how to be anti-racist. Where available, the UN's medium variant and average figures from 2005-2010 have been used. Japan's high life expectancy has been put down to a combination of a healthy diet and good public health provision, which includes regular check-ups. ACTIVITIES . An acquaintance of mine's first instinct was to answer "Who are you?". Both numbers have been calculated using UN Population Division figures. Microaggression theory is based on these small verbal or non-verbal slights that accumulate over a period of time so-called “death by a thousand cuts”. Firstly I’d like to note I’m not black. Academics would call this a micro-aggression. I don’t think his superior blood made much difference since we were both going to medical school anyway. The remaining data are from other sections of the UN, the Global Footprint Network and the International Telecommunications Union. Fill in your date of birth below to find out. His calculation has been amended by the UN to include additional points in time. The first is an estimate of how many people were alive on your date of birth. This is leading to rapidly rising populations. Age: 7-17 Downloads: 479 : Where are you from? The second number includes calculations based on the methodology of scholar Carl Haub, who estimated how many people had been alive since 50,000 B.C. It’s not really about free speech: feel free to ask about someone’s heritage or background if you do know them. The line between microaggression and overt racism is thin: Let’s go back to the question “Where you from?” If you are talking culturally, I might know something about my social group. Such archaic beliefs are similar to the caste system. But that is neither what history nor genetics tells us. Would a white doctor who was born in the UK or India have to answer this question? Level: elementary Age: 9-12 Downloads: 442 : WHERE ARE YOU FROM- Countries and Nationalities+ Pronouns+ 2 PAGES Level: elementary Age: 6-17 Downloads: 416 : Quiz for 4th grade pupils Level: elementary Age: 5-12 Downloads: 381 : WHERE ARE YOU FROM? In richer economies, although death rates are also low, widely-available birth control and a desire for smaller families keep birth rates subdued. Firstly I’d like to note I’m not black. Data before 1950 is less accurate than figures after that date. the amount the population has grown while you've been on this site. What does an Indian look like?

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