Get a Sony Wega CRT 29 inch with component and s video inputs, all these retro boxes are for idiots (or for people who live in VERY small apartments like my brother). The 2X requiring only one amp of current, it's perfectly happy to be powered by a TV's USB port, or really any kind of phone charger you might have lying around.

By Scarlet Bell, Jun 8, 2019 The RetroTINK-2X Classic is the original version of the ultra-low latency line doubler that takes composite, S-video and component analog output from your retro-console and outputs Digital Video to your modern display. After some playing around it may be no surprise to hear I stand by my ideology, but I have found an appreciation in certain scenarios.

I have a RetroTINK 2x on order for my various retro consoles, but I'm not sure what to do about my consoles that can output 480p, since the RetroTINK will not support 480p input. As a general rule of thumb, I dismiss filters as sins against pixel purity, but with it being an option, it's something I was eager to at least try. Today, we're full steam ahead on building new toys. Easy to setup, easy to use, and with the added benefit of microseconds of added input lag, it's the perfect device to get you started on your retro gaming adventures. What it lacks in features, it more than makes up for in nailing what it sets out to, filling a gap in the market at its $100 price point. But americans who have almost a fricking continent of space, should have no problems with "space.". Of the games played, Yoshi's Island stood out to me. Plug in your micro USB power supply, plug in the mini HDMI output, and plug in your input of choice and play away. I'm Mike Chi, the guy behind RetroTINK. I guess I don't get the reason for one of these. Sitting somewhere between these options is the RetroTINK-2X. As times and, perhaps more importantly, TVs, have moved on, this once-simple process has become painful. Whether this will be of use to you will likely be a significant point of preference, but where I found the filter really in a league of its own was when using composite input. You want the best? Both S Video and Component simply are a clearer/cleaner way of output delivery.

Where the Framemeister and OSSC look to offer a multitude of settings and configurations, the 2X has one job and does it well: line doubling. In my engineering career, there has been nothing more rewarding than seeing our toys enjoyed by gamers around the world! Cart Hello Select your address Mobiles Best Sellers Today's Deals Computers New Releases Amazon Pay Gift Ideas Books Customer Service Sell Baby AmazonBasics. RetroTINK-2X Pro Multiformat Firmware Page 6,727. 6,538.

It's something you can really appreciate if you lack expensive component cables, or struggle to find S-Video compatibility as I did for a number of consoles. If you wanted to pull out the SNES and play Super Mario World, it used to be simple. Sitting somewhere between these options is the RetroTINK-2X. You'd grab your console, plug it into the mains, hook it up to the TV, and get right into it. Prime. This makes this an excellent device for the PS2, Xbox and Wii! It can convert 240p and 480i to 480p, as well as pass through 480p, 720p and 1080i signals.

Electronics Hello, Sign in. The FINAL run of the Classic. Skip to main Whether struggling for the lack of compatible ports, horrid built-in deinterlacing, or an incompatibility with the common 240p signal, it's often easier to just leave the hardware in the closet and grab something newer. You need a special PAL S-Video cable and a N64 with S-Video support. If you're in the US, this is nothing to be concerned about, but if you're somebody just getting into high quality retro experiences, do your research. Where with S-Video and component you have a clean picture with defined pixels, composite is naturally worse. Most PS2 games are 480i and thus need deinterlacing. Looking for the best way to play your classic consoles on a budget? 1. A post with resources for the best cables is coming soon.

After a 15 year hiatus, my obsession is to create products that enable us to relive our childhood video games on modern AV equipment. For those on a tight budget and willing to put up with input delay and miscellaneous quirks and qualms, you can also find countless cheap upscalers littering Amazon and eBay. Of everything on offer, the filter was the biggest surprise to me. (updated Jun 8, 2019) Where the OSSC has plenty of features, it lacks ports for S-Video and composite input. That being said, it's a feature you'd expect of any modern TV. Though mine did come pre-assembled, it seems a simple enough process of putting pieces into place and securing them. The 2X-SCART is specifically designed to handle 240p off-spec signals and output 480p with low latency and minimal artifacts to … It's more expensive than the miscellaneous upscalers you might floating around the internet, but delivers a quality image with no compromise to the gaming experience. Using the 2X's passthrough display mode, the image is delivered in its original state to then be processed and upscaled by the OSSC. Look no further! 9 About Us. N64 S-Video cable option is only for NTSC consoles. The 2X is very easy to use.

Proudly created with,, Formats: 240p/480i, 288p/576i, NTSC and PAL and PAL-60, Output: Digital Video at 480p/576p (line-doubled mode) or input resolution (pass-thru mode). Plug in USB power to the 2X and the digital video cord from the 2X to your display.

Review: RetroTINK-2X (Hardware), Supports S-Video, component, and composite inputs, Could still be pricey for newcomers at $100. The 2X is the perfect device to act as a gateway into this brilliant world, and it's interesting to see it has use even if you do later decide to upgrade to the more costly OSSC.

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