Published 11:45 AM, September 09 2019 GMT+1| Last updated 1:52 PM, September 09 2019 GMT+1. I am excited to hear this news on Days Gone i have so much fun playing Days Gone and i dont want it to end i want to know will they add continue the storyline missions, hordes side missions, everything about Days Gone. Website © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment. You can now play the game in Hard II and Survival II difficulty modes, making for a much tougher experience. Which is just as well too because it would be amazing if they got working on their next project now and with all they have learned with Unreal Engine 4 with Days Gone, development may go a lot quicker now. Unlike the Easy and Normal modes, you will not be able to change Hard difficulty into an easier mode mid-gam e. Only play Hard difficulty if you are confident enough in your skills! On September 13, Bend Studios will let you restart the game and keep hold of all your weapons, bike upgrades, NERO boosters, skills, recipes, encampment trust, and credits. When I came to the article it had highlighted “” (which had 3), but when I clicked another one it stayed at 3. So if you haven’t started any of the Challenge modes yet, I highly recommend going for gold in each challenge in order to maximize your gameplay perks before NG+ releases. Even when I 100% this game, I’ll probably jump in once in a while just to drive the open road. Why are you making me like articles before I’ve even read them? President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Keith Lee Naturally this gives you quite the advantage, but it also means you can take on each of the game's zombie hordes with all the equipment you'd like. and welcome to my YouTube channel.I decided to start a YouTube channel because gaming is my passion to which I dedicate a lot of time to.

Featuring 25 unique tracks from the game — including 20 by composer Nathan Whitehead — the soundtrack is pressed on 180 gram colored vinyl discs. Follow me on twitter. Perks from patches earned in challenges continue to carry over to the main game, but now they can be used in NG+ and all difficulty modes. Complete the story of Days Gone on Hard II or Survival II in New Game+. 'Days Gone' Supports 60fps And 4K Via Free PlayStation 5 Update, Legends Gamer Pro Review: Affordable And Expandable Arcade Gaming At Home, ICYMI: ‘13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’ Is A Beautiful, Unique Narrative Experience, Xbox Series X's Controller Is What You Love, And A Little More, Toddler Makes Short Work Of Brand New Xbox Series X, Chadwick Boseman Honoured In Touching 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Tribute, 'Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered' Is Reportedly Bricking PlayStation 5 Consoles. HAVE A VIDEO YOU WANT TO FEATURE ON OUR PAGE? Check Out Point Of No Return Here Survival Difficulty Will Be Added In June. It’s truly a wonderful game which I still enjoy (have some challenges and trophies to go after). This has been the most requested fan feature since we launched back in April, and it will be available on 13th September through a downloadable update. Freaker are BLIND and DEAF….

Three new reasons to return to Bend Studio's post-apocalyptic frontier. This is the ONLY thing your game needs to FIX…. You can lower the difficulty from normal to easy through the options menu, but you can’t start from normal and then switch to hard. Maybe they meant these updates, but we can’t be sure of that. A new difficulty level called "Survival" will be added into the game as free DLC in June. I’m excited to announce that Days Gone will be releasing its New Game Plus mode. How To Play Hard Mode In Days Gone? Once you have booted the game, you have to pick up the option of a new game and make sure to select the hard difficulty choice from there. CEO, Counterplay Games, Justin Massongill Every time I click on one of your articles, it says I have already “liked” or “hearted” the article, and when I choose a different option, it switches.

Bend Studios says that the perks you earn from challenges will also carry over into the main game and can be used in New Game Plus and all difficulty modes, so you'll want to get gold in all those games to be your strongest when it comes to the new game mode. These new difficulty modes are not specific to NG+ and can be experienced by brand new players as well. Sid Shuman Hopefully we get a sequel or a Syphon Filter reboot much sooner then expected like with PS5 or a year after its launch. I had my doubts at first wether it was a game I’d like, but all my doubts were gone when I started playing (especially when I saw the acting, it’s superb!).

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